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Plastic Surgery
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      Our Featured Services

      It’s time for the next big transformation in your life. Trust the expert teams of Sihha Turk and change your life.

      About Sihha Turk

      As Sihha Turk, our main priority is always our patients. For this reason, we make every effort to ensure that patients and their relatives have needs, expectations, satisfaction and a peaceful treatment process.


      To provide world-class health services to maximize the quality of life.


      To become a preferred health center by providing a high quality service at the maximum level to the expectations and needs of our patients.

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      Reasons to Choose Us

      Why Sıhha Türk

      Change your life

      Our first priority is to fulfill the needs and expectations of our patients in the best way possible. We have the responsibility to inform our patients in the most accurate way before the treatment, and to fulfill their needs by following the patient selflessly during and after the treatment.

      Trust the Experts

      Being close to our patients at all times is important for their follow-up and trust. For this reason, we have offices in countries where our patients live and receive treatment. Our local and Turkish employees are experts, professional and have high experience, from the nurse to the doctor.

      Customer happiness

      As Sıhha Türk, we measure our success with the satisfaction of our customers. We believe that satisfied customers and customer satisfaction as a result of operations are proof of our success.

      Price Guarantee

      For our patients, the best price comes after the right treatment and service. In this regard, we are committed to providing the best price guarantee both internationally and in Turkey.

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      Dental Treatment
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      Hair Transplant
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      Plastic surgery

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      How can I reach Sihha Turk?

      1. Via the Internet (e-mail, website, facebook page, instagram account),

      2. Via Mobile Phone (Phone, Whatsapp, Viber),

      3. You can reach us through our representatives in their countries.

      What is the most effective technique in hair transplantation?

      There are three main modern planting techniques in Turkey, namely FUE, Mega FUE and DHI.

      Because Sıhha Türk is a company that offers the right and good quality health service from experts in the field with reasonable prices and applications.

      You can get health services in every area you need. You can contact us for plastic surgery, eye diseases, oral and dental health, hair transplantation, aesthetics, pediatrics, gynecology, urology, stomach and digestive disorders, obesity surgery and many more.

      Adult men and women over the age of 22 can have hair transplantation, taking into account factors such as the appropriate age range, health status, type of hair loss and the adequacy of the donor area. People with diseases such as hemophilia, blood pressure and diabetes, and hepatitis B can have a controlled planting with the approval of a doctor. Hepatitis C and HIV carriers cannot have hair transplant.

      Among the applications such as sleeve gastrectomy, gastric balloon, gastric reduction surgery, our specialist will choose the method suitable for your age, weight and lifestyle. It will be possible to achieve the results you want and dream of in a period of 6 months.

      Because of Turkey’s successful rise in the field of health and being one of the few countries in the world with the treatment and practices of experienced specialist doctors, it would be the right choice for you to choose Turkey.

      Sıhha Türk currently has offices and a team in two cities in Algeria (Algeria and Constantine), Russia and Turkey (Istanbul).