Botox Injection

WHAT IS BOTOX INJECTION PROCEDURE? The Botox Injection procedure is one of the most common cosmetic procedures as well as face lifting. It aims to remove wrinkles and sagging skin caused by aging. The Botox works on relaxing the sclerotic facial muscles, which are the reasons for the face wrinkles, especially in the area around […]

Hollywood Smile

WHAT IS HOLLYWOOD SMILE? Hollywood Smile in Turkey is a non-surgical cosmetic operation that gives immediate results. It is done by placing customized peels on the original teeth of the patient. The dental peels are customized individually based on the shape of the patient’s jaw and mouth. The goal is to give the patient’s teeth […]


Hair transplantation operation is a non-surgical procedure in which hair follicles are transferred from the donor area, i.e. the back of the scalp, to the receiving area, i.e. the bald areas to be treated. TECHNIQUES USED IN HAIR TRANSPLANTATION There are several key techniques used in hair transplantations: FUE Technology With this technology, the follicles […]

Plastic Surgery

1) Rinoplasti We can divide the problems related to the nose into two categories: health problems and aesthetic problems. 1- Some structural and organic disorders in the nasal region, the person may not be able to breathe properly and the nose may lose this function. Respiratory and odor problems affect a person’s quality of life […]

Dental Treatment

1) Dental implants When we naturally lose a tooth, the bone surrounding the tooth begins to melt, causing dental problems to occur, the surrounding teeth begin to close the gap and move over time, which helps food waste build up between the teeth. With tooth sensitivity and decay, gum problems and the fragility of the […]