1) Rinoplasti

We can divide the problems related to the nose into two categories: health problems and aesthetic problems.

1- Some structural and organic disorders in the nasal region, the person may not be able to breathe properly and the nose may lose this function. Respiratory and odor problems affect a person’s quality of life and can lead to other complications. These causes may be hereditary or result from narrowing or blockage of the airways due to previous injuries such as fractures.

2 – Bodily malformations can be caused by genetic causes, past collisions, falls, similar traumas, burns or various diseases. These deformities can cause psychological problems as well as functional disorders. Rhinoplasty can offer a partial or complete solution to these problems. The nose is considered one of the most important body parts of facial aesthetics. The doctor will have to determine whether this surgery is necessary, whether the patient really needs this cosmetic surgery. However, rhinoplasty is performed if a patient’s problem really affects their physical appearance or prevents them from feeling comfortable.